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Suspension Kits

Terrafirma Suspension KitTerrafirma products can be bought individually to allow total customisation of the suspension system allowing you to tune the suspension to meet your exact requirements. However in some cases several items can be combined to make an ideal upgrade package.

Terrafirma Suspension Kits have been created for convenience, ensuring the correct parts are matched and making ordering easier, quickly identifying a range of products suitable for your vehicle or application.

It is important when selecting a spring and shock kit that it suits the weight of equipment fitted to the vehicle or the load that is constantly carried. If you require different load springs front and rear the individual components must be selected from their respective ranges.

Two Terrafirma spring and shock kits are available including four All Terrain or Pro Sport shock absorbers and 4 springs in light, medium and heavy load.

Due to the more specific applications requiring Extreme, Big Bore Expedition and Remote Reservoir shocks it is recommended that spring and shock combinations are selected individually from the ranges.

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