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Air Shock Absorber

 Huge 16” travel

• Zinc plated for bright long lasting finish with striking blue anodised machined alloy fittings.

• 5/8 (16mm) diameter 1.5” (38mm) wide spherical bearing mounting eyes

• Multi stage valving

• High pressure nitrogen charged

• High temperature 5w premium quality shock fluid

• Adjustable between 100 and 400psi, factory set at 150psi for immediate fitment

• 3mm wall thickness

Developed originally for competitive rock crawling buggies where extreme axle articulation means everything. Terrafirma’s new 2.5” Air shocks support the weight of the vehicle, provide infinite ride height adjustability and allow massive articulation for custom vehicle builders. No more problems with coil springs dislocating or becoming coil bound restricting wheel movement. With 16” of travel the Terrafirma Air shock provides ample axle movement even for the most extreme off road competitors. The ride quality experienced with air shocks is exceptional, combined with Terrafirma hydraulic bump stops obstacles and extreme terrain can be attacked like never before.

The Terrafirma Air shock is super strong 2.5” (66mm) diameter and uses a massive 1.625” (40mm) hard chromed highly polished piston shaft with the latest technology valving and seals. Air shocks are charged with high pressure Nitrogen, factory set at 150psi and adjustable between 100 and 400psi depending on the weight of the vehicle and preferred ride height.

Terrafirma Air shocks are designed to be mounted vertically with the shaft at the bottom for optimum performance. It is possible to fine tune the air shocks performance to very precisely suit a given application by adjusting the oil volume and the Nitrogen pressure. For the Terrafirma air shock we have assumed an average setting based on vehicles ranging between 2000 and 3000kgs. A basic rule of thumb is as follows:

Nitrogen Pressure
Always set and adjust the pressure with shocks fully extended, with the vehicle on flat ground check the ride height, adjust the shock pressure in 25psi increments to achieve the correct ride height. Normal ride height should be achieved with the shock extended to around 30-40% of the shock absorbers travel. Use TFGASKIT or similar. Do not use any gas other than Nitrogen.

Oil Level
If the shocks bottom out too easily but the ride feels good increase the oil capacity by 20ml at a time until they no longer bottom out, be sure to release the Nitrogen pressure each time with the shocks fully extended and the vehicle supported. Oil can be added using a syringe by removing the Shrader valve.

Terrafirma does not offer a mounting kit for the air shocks due to the highly customised applications they are designed for. When building an off road vehicle ensure that the top and bottom mountings are attached to load bearing frame or chassis members, remembering these shocks take the full load of the vehicle in place of a conventional spring.

The amount of travel afforded by these shocks is incredible and care must be taken to ensure brake lines can extend sufficiently and no driveline binding occurs.

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