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Thursday, 9 February 2017  |  John E.

Terrafirma Premium Ceramic Brake Pads



Terrafirma Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are composed of a friction material which includes ceramic and Kevlar fibres. Ceramic pads have been designed to significantly reduce brake dust & noise and extend brake disc life.

Ceramic friction material is also kinder on your alloys, producing no corrosive black dust and generally lasting longer than semi metallic pads with no squeal.


Terrafirma Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are suitable for all types of brake disc including Terrafirma CDG cross drilled and grooved brake discs.

(Please allow sufficient bedding in time when fitting brake pads to used brake discs, for best results fit new pads with new brake discs)

For ease of identification we have applied a TF suffix to the original Land Rover part numbers of the most popular brake pads. We have also listed the corresponding brake discs, the CDG suffix denotes crossed drilled and grooved.