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Pre 1994 Fitting Kit

OE Land Rover CV joints identification

To cover the various CV joints that are used in Land Rover axles we have designed a CV that is interchangeable on all versions. We have produced a heavy-duty aerospace joint with and without ABS.
We have also produced two different length stb shafts to fit both early and late (94 on) stub axles.

For extreme off-road use, taking a spare stub shaft is recommended as, in the unlikely event of failure, you can replace and be off and running again in under 5 minutes.

The fusible stub shaft protects the rest of the drive train. It is useful to identify the original CV joint and to confirm the overall length. 1994 onwards CV joints are direct fitment without the need for a fitting kit and use the shorter fusible stub shaft (160mm).

All KAM CV joints use the later type roller bearing (LR Part No: FTC861). There is no modification required to the stub axle. If the original CV joint does not use this roller bearing then you need to purchase a KAM fitting kit which replaces the original bronze bush.

Applications are below:

32 Spline23 Spline
32 Spline23 Spline
32 Spline23 Spline
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