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Locking Differential

KAM Difflock

The KAM Diff Lock is electrically controlled via a heavy duty solenoid located inside the diff pan. A cable runs from the solenoid to the an illuminated rocker switch in the cab that engages the diff lock. The solenoid itself is a dual coil type, electronically controlled and protected by an integral solid state commander module.

A short 45 amp burst of power activates the solenoid which then preloads a spring. The spring then forces the sliding dog along a newly patented locking tube witch locks the sliding dog on to the carrier. The diff locker is now engaged and give continues drive to both wheels. A constant 0.5 amp draw holds the solenoid in a locked state. This new tube design means that you can use your original shaft or shaft that have been purchased previously. If you do bead a shaft then the diff locker will still work

We have improved the KAM diff locker system so that you can now add LSD Shaft CV,s and Crown wheel and pinion in stages to the base diff locker unit depending on your off road and competition requirements. You can use your standard or existing shafts or up grade to KAM proven range of parts.  Lock up time of is 0.4 seconds. until the driver switches it off

  • 100% Lock to the axle
  • Doubles your Traction off Road
  • Heavy Duty 4 Pin Carrier
  • Use Any 24 Spline Half Shaft
  • 8mm Aluminium Diff Guard as std
  • Add LSD to locker
  • Solenoid Activated 12v or 24v


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