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Heavy Duty CV Joints and Conversions

KAM CV Joints are made from Aerospace grade material and have been independently tested proving they are more than twice as strong as the originals. The stub shafts which are unique to KAM are designed to withstand the strain associated with using tyres up to 35″ diameter without breaking. For vehicles with larger than 35″ tyres or very high engine horse power it is almost impossible to entirely prevent breakage at some stage.

KAM provides the most effective solution by fusing the stub shaft which ensures that in the unlikely event of failure the stub shaft can be replaced in under 5 minutes thus protecting the drive train.

Here are the key points to our Uprated CV Joints:

  • Aerospace grade material
  • Independently tested
  • Multiple stage heat treatment
  • Over 100% stronger than original CV
  • Replaceable ‘Fused’ stub shafts
  • Stub shaft replaced in under 5 minutes
  • Clean breakage – No Swarf
  • Protects the drive train
  • 5 Year replacement warranty


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